About The Work

Your flexible life as a remote contract agent - Your own Business.

The Work

ContractWorld.jobs connects you to major corporations who hire you directly - No middle man. You work under contract, it's a real job where you are your own boss.

Your Workplace

You supply your own home office, computer, hi-speed internet and work tools.

Your Work Training

You attened on-line, trainer led courses for your hiring client. There is a course fee. Each new client you choose requires a new course. You must graduate to recive a contract.

Your Work Contract

Clients hire you directly. You do not work for ContractWorld.jobs. Clients will offer you regular schedules, guidance, update information and payment for work performed.

Grow Your Business

You are free to choose more than one client to contract with, it's up to you.

Work Your Hours

You have the opportunity to select contracts with flexable hours to suit your lifestyle. All clients' require is that you work thier minimum hours in the shift type you slect. You can build your own schedule and mix and match clients for full time work.

Your Pay

Clients offer differnt rates based on the skill level of work. Most contracts offer you "Pay-For-Performance" rates. This allows self starters to increas thier earnings for profeciencey. Invoices are gennerated for you automatically every two weeks, sent to your clients, payment is collected and deposited in the bank account of your choice by www.PAYSOURCEDIRECT.com. You never miss a pay.